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Greek Cuisine

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1. 150 g Steak Tartar, 2 Toast
2. 150 g Fried Viennese Schnitzel
3. 150 g Fried chicken steak
4. 100 g Fried cheese
5.150 g Pikant chopped pork, potato pancakes


Have a taste of rich Greek culture in the form of the world famous Greek cuisine. Greek cuisine is typical for its frequent use of olive oil, aromatic herbs and great variety of vegetables with emphasis on food quality.

Gyros, the most well-known Greek food, is served in a slightly unconventional way, with tomato rice and tzatziki. All meals are made exclusively from fresh ingredients, are mostly grilled and with the use of original Greek ingredients.

If you would like to experience different flavours of this exceptional cuisine, simply choose from variety of the traditional Greek dishes from our menu. Don't forget to try the Greek wines full of Greek sun – their quality is well-known!


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